High Return NDIS SDA Investments

Government-backed returns of between 7 and 14%

What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a Federal Act developed in 2013 to allow people with a disability to exercise choice and control about matters that affect them – such as their housing. SDA housing is housing built to a standard not readily available in the general housing supply.

The Australian Government was one of the first countries in the world to be a signatory of the ‘UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities’. The Federal Government via the NDIS SDA program have committed $700,000,000.00 annually for the next 20 years to investors who provide specially constructed housing. The SDA housing program aims to increase the supply of suitable accessible housing through generous rental subsidy payments.

By purchasing an NDIS Property home you help provide a suitable purpose built home for up to 4 disabled Australians. In return, the generous NDIS SDA scheme will pay you returns that exceed 10.5% net depending on the location and exact property type.

An estimated 28,000 people require Specialised Disability Housing to be built. This number is growing every year so your SDA Property investment will have ongoing demand for years to come.

Stable Investment. The NDIA, or National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA,) is backed by legislation that requires agreement from all States and Territories before any changes are made. The NDIS is a national initiative backed by the Federal Government.

Fast Growth. To encourage investment in SDA Property, the NDIA provides a generous rental subsidy. This scale of this building project is the largest social housing building program Australia has ever seen.

Fully Funded. The Government has committed $700m annually for payments to SDA property investors, indexed for the next 20 years. This commitment at the Federal level gives investors peace of mind, confidence, and investment security.

Property With Purpose. Sadly there are also 6,000+ young Australian’s who are currently living in aged care facilities due to a lack of housing options and this number is increasing by 50 young Australians a week. You’re providing property with purpose.

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Is SDA Investment For You?

Like all property, SDA investments doesn’t come without risk. The moving parts necessary for tenancy is significant; there’s Government compliance, care provider relationships (they place the participants), ongoing legislated compliance, and SDA-approved property management. That’s where we fit in; we don’t just build or supply a suitable property, we manage the entire transaction to make it a seamless and stress-free arrangement.

Finance is an area that has proved problematic for many and remains the single most significant roadblock for potential investors. Because of the higher build cost and compliance the LVR (Loan Value Ratio) is evaluated based on a standard home – not an SDA home – so a higher deposit is required for entry into the market.

Agenzia manages its own in-house finance team that are specialists in the SDA space and can source funds from lenders to suit your needs. This arrangement speeds up the process, enables us to look after you more efficiently, and gives you peace of mind that we’re managing the entire process.

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